Discussion Questions February 27th 2012

Discussion Questions for 27th February 2012

Section: Ecology and Cosmology
Some thoughts on Occupy and Creation Spirituality from Matthew Fox

“Results have already been significant. The language of the economic debate in America has shifted from “the deficit is everything” to the matter of justice and injustice-” What do you think of this statement?

Section: Scripture

Section: Faith:Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple
The Roman Catholic Bishops: Are They Killing Their Church?

What do you think of the criticism of the pope and bishops from some/many Catholics? A good article to read in conjunction with this is found in Press Briefs The church, like Jesus, should say ‘yes’ to new things. http://ncronline.org/blogs/peace-pulpit/church-jesus-should-say-yes-new-things

Rob Ford and Joseph Ratzinger : Two Peas In A Pod”
See under Editorial notes for “The secular press misses the return of the Yes men”

from Catherine Cavanagh
“The burning bush is no metaphor, nor the flames of the upper room. The energy of the universe exists in a God that fills us, heats us, and burns away our pain and sorrow, leaving only ashes behind.” Can the new cosmologists offer new insights for the three thousand year old words of the scriptures?

Questions from a Ewe
Orthodoxy OR ortho-praxis? What about the criticisms?
The Misa Campesina at 30
Cardenal and JPII? The photo on the tarmac in Nicaragua is my enduring image of JP II’s papacy. What is yours?

New Voices in the Church: Sofía Chipana Quispe
What impact have the new, young, female Asian, Latin American and African theologians as well as the Reuthers and Schussler-Fiorenzas had on your understanding of God, Jesus and Church?

Christ: “God speaks through the community, from the sweeper to the Pope”
See “New Voices in the Church: Sofía Chipana Quispe”.
Belgian church reform activists deliver manifesto to bishops.
“The group said its petition “is not an end, but only a beginning.” It said it wanted to work with the bishops to solve problems that increasingly frustrate practising Catholics.” What are your greatest concerns about the institution at its various levels?

Men’s night challenges attendees to ‘man-up’ for Christ
“The archbishop explained the observations made by theologians in both Catholic and Protestant circles. They noted that Christianity has become more feminine in its expression over the last few decades.” What do you think the archbishop means by this? Is it to do with rejection of Constantinian Christianity by bishops like Tom Gumbleton, priests like John Dear and Charlie McCarthy, and lay organizations like Pax Christi? Is this being “more feminine” or just more Christian than having bishops blessing bombers?

Celibacy strangling the Catholic Church
“I say ‘mostly’ because if you’re a married Anglican priest who joins the Catholic Church, you can slip straight in to becoming a Roman Catholic priest. The logic of that and its implications for the celibacy of Catholic priests?” Whom do you think will be the next disaffected group invited to join Rome?

The Purple Culture
“I suggest that a search for the motivations that underlie episcopal behaviors will help us understand their behavior in this scandal and on many other issues including a married clergy, women priests, openness and dialogue with dissenters, birth control, their increasing fundamentalism, and more. The answer lies in an evaluation of their unique culture, a purple culture whose behaviors were borrowed and established centuries ago.” Have you experienced any effects of “purple culture”?

Section: Justice and Peace
Remembering Bishop Samuel Ruiz

Have you experience of a bishop with concern for people, not the salvation of their immortal soul?

Camp Micah
A worthwhile event to be advertised and promoted.

from Charlie McCarthy
See “Men’s night challenges attendees to ‘man-up’ for Christ” above in Faith:Church,

Synagogue, Mosque, Temple
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Max Josef Metzger and the idea of a Council

What is more important, calling Vatican III or taking Vatican II seriously?

Tom McKillop: order of Canada, ‘father’ of families, friend of Jesus, dies at 84
Have you experienced or are you aware of anything that compared with Youth Corps?

Section: World
What does Pro Israel mean today?

Can you be Catholic and challenge the ideas of the pope, the curia, the bishops and your parish priest? Can you support the Toronto Maple Leafs and disagree with the trades made by Brian Burke and the coaching decisions made by Ron Wilson? What about being pro-Israel and disagreeing with government policy on Palestine?

Religion Aside, Vatican Ambassadors Support Romney
If you can take the Republican nomination process seriously you are way ahead of me.

In the wake of the crisis: Bully capitalism
Where are the Canadian cCatholic bishops on bully capitalism or bully non-funding for Kairos (CIDA) and Development and Peace (CCCB)?

Section: Editorial and Other Voices
Podcast with Desmond Tutu

When you listen to Bishop Tutu you have lots to talk about..
The secular press misses the return of the Yes men
“Prophecy is the prophetic protest against the self-righteousness of the institutions…God throughout history has not been on the side of the institutions but on that of the suffering and the persecuted.” Josef Ratzinger 1962
Along with the article “Rob Ford and Joseph Ratzinger : Two Peas In A Pod” this is an opportunity to talk about the loyal opposition to institutional religion that has been ever-present since Jesus and Paul, and includes such luminaries as Mary Ward, Dorothy Day, Sts. Francis,Dominic,AngelaMerici, Catherine of Siena, and many others. Lots to talk about.

Christian Europe; Benedict’s Relativist Vision
Does this article raise any questions about Benedict’s longing for “Christian Europe” and “the church of the little flock”?

Shepherds, Sheep, Non-violence and Homosexuality
Lots to think about in light of the Ontario bishops and OCSTA opposition to Gay Straight Alliances in Catholic schools..

“Think Different – Accept Uncertainty” Part IV: Expanding the Bankruptcy of Theism
“It was a German theologian named Paul Tillich who first opened for me the possibility that God was not a being, supernatural in power, dwelling somewhere beyond the sky and ready to come to us with intervening miraculous power.” What is your currentunderstanding of God, Jesus and Church. Has it changed over the years? Will it continue to change?
Section: Using nctsf in schools and communities

Section Arts
from John Chuchman

See “The Purple Culture” above in Faith:Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple

Section: Last things

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