Discussion Questions April 9th 2012

Discussion Questions for 9th April 2012

Section: Ecology and Cosmology

Incarnation: Some evolutionary thoughts

An opportunity to talk about the new cosmology and the implications for our understanding of God, Jesus and Church. See also ” “Think Different – Accept Uncertainty” Part VI: Understanding the Source of Evil”

from conception to birth: A TED video

Well worth watching and talking about

Section: Scripture

N.T. Wright interview: Why Left, Right & Lewis get it wrong

What is my understanding of the scriptures? Has it changed?

Hunt for the Historical Jesus

“What can we know about Jesus? What does the search for the historical Jesus have to do with us in the 21st Century?”


Speaking of the two creation stories Bishop Robinson writes “In the earlier story (and I emphasise the word “story”). Is there anything more powerful than “story” yet we often want to say that the bible is more than story. Why?

Section: Faith:Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple

A Clash of Catholic “Civilizations

“Just as we have seven sacraments, I see seven forces clashing and exploding in a dramatic confrontation that is really just beginning.” Is there a confrontation or is the JP II/Benedict institution simply ignoring it. Is this what Benedict’s “church of the little flock” is really all about?

Catholicism is not the Tea Party at prayer

But is it the USCCB AT PRAYER?

Catholic Church “paying the price for bad leadership

….The vast majority of American Roman Catholics also seem to recognize that the leadership of their Church is simply badly out of date. And you?

Documents Show Vatican Knew of Legion Founder’s Abuse

” Is anyone surprised?”

“Just Call Me Excellency!”

Just don’t call me by my name. I am ontologically different.

Church Notes April 9th 2012 and Press Briefs 9th April 2012

Anything tickle your fancy?

Section: Justice and Peace

Canada’s BRAT Strategy: All Torture, All the Time – Plus Torture Tour Report

Is your school, parish or community involved in the Torture Tour?

Clergy sex victims blast new Baltimore archbishop

What do you think about SNAP’s concerns about the appointment of the new bishop?
FR Bob’s Palestinian Blog 24 March 2012

Lots to talk about. Christian Peacemaker Teams. Bob Holmes. Jim Looney.ISM.EA.Golani Brigade.

Section: World

Understanding Harper’s Evangelical Mission

How does Christian and Missionary Alliance beliefs compare with Catholicism’s teachings?

D and P takes huge hit

Is your school, parish or community doing anything about this?


Interesting listen even if you are not of Irish background.

Iranians shocked by ‘Israel loves Iran’ Facebook initiative. – Iranians respond to Israeli Facebook initiative: Israel, we love you too

The medium is passing on the message.

‘A Test You Need to Fail’: A Teacher’s Open Letter to Her 8th Grade Students

Any reflections?

Born Again! George Galloway Stuns Labor, Shakes Up Britain

“Thousands of young people infected with apathy, contempt, despair and a disgust with mainstream politics were dynamised by the Respect campaign.” Are you involved in the political process at anmy level? Why? Why not?

Section: Editorial and Other Voices

“Think Different – Accept Uncertainty” Part VI: Understanding the Source of Evil

Is evil something or the absence of something?

“Hope is a Verb with its Sleeves Rolled Up”

“Dorothee Solle, an authentic follower of Jesus, writes simply: “To feed the hungry means to do away with militarism. To bless the children means to leave the trees standing for them.” Is that so complicated? Is the teaching of Jesus obtuse? I think not.” Reflect on this.

.Section: Using nctsf in schools and communities

“Assignment: Compassion”

Are you technically gifted and can do this?

Section Arts

Making the Connections

Read some of Adrienne Rich’s poetry.

John Chuchman’s poetry and cartoons offer a different way to see what is happening in the Catholic Church. Do they do it for you?

Section: Last things


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