Vatican II Remembering The Future: or why I haven’t posted anything for a few days…

If you noticed I had not posted any Twitter feed or links to articles on Facebook then It may well have been with a sense of relief or absolute delight. The links are all articles I have read. 95% of them I am in favour of what is being written. The remaining 5% go up to allow for me and others to comment.

I have not posted since June 20th and it is unlikely I will get back into regular posting for another day or so.

I was in Washington at Georgetown University from Thursday May 21st and arrived home late on Monday May 25th.I was a participant in an outstanding 4 day conference  Vatican II Remembering The Future: Ecumenical, Interfaith and Secular Perspectives on the Council’s Impact and Promise.  Keynotes by cardinals Walter Kasper, Louis Antonio Tagle and Jean-Louis Tauran, three of the good guys with red hats, as well as great round table sessions.  It is organized by the Ecclesiological Investigations International Research Network and I know the chair, Gerard Mannion, now at Georgetown, but from Hope University in Liverpool.

It was great and an opportunity to get together with friends, old and new such as John O’Malley SJ, Peter Phan,,Mark Chapman from Oxford, Nancy Dallavalle and Paul Lakeland from Fairfield University, Massimo Faggioli, Richard Gaillardetz, Drew Christiansen SJ, Linda Woodhead from England, Patricia Madigan OP from Australia, whose prioress Judy Martin and I did graduate studies together at Boston College 35 freaking years ago..Shawn Copeland was there, is still teaching at BC and taught me, perhaps in her first year there. There were other Canadians there including Michael Attridge  from St. Mikes and John Dadosky from Regis and more of my heroes like Charlie Curran and the daughter of the inestimable Abraham Joshua Heschel, Suannah, with a magnificent presentation on her father and Nostra Aetate.

The media were well represented by Robert Mickens whom I’ve known since his Tablet days, Philippa Hitchen, an Anglican (Brit) from Vatican Radio whom I met for the first time, Joshua McElwee from NCR and David Gibson at Religious News Service. The Servite John Pawlikowski, in the last plenary of the conference raised the issue – who founded the Church? – so there was no letup at all during our time there.

Breakfast was from 7-30 each day and our last session each day – Conversation and Bar – went from 10pm into the wee hours of the morning.

Paul Lakeland already has written a brief piece about the event at





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