From John Chuchman and Susan Renehan Church Credibility Shattered

Wow, I’m having flashbacks only the name has changed Law-Pell.

I just don’t know how Catholics live with themselves sitting there doing nothing.  Denial is a sacrament in this church, as a great example you just have to look at your hierarchy to figure that out.
Has anyone anywhere seen any action by any Catholics other than the small group here in Boston and others small pockets of supporters (who I have the greatest respect for)?

Where are the petitions?  Where are the letters to our government leaders demanding action?  Where are the boycotts, the marches, the famous Catholics speaking out?  Where are the rich Catholics saying they will withhold all monetary support  until the bishops, popes and cardinals come clean?

Nothing but a Voice of the Faithful who crossed out “to support survivors” as their primary goal?


Shame on them, shame, shame, shame on all catholics who sit by and do nothing while evil rules at the core of this church.

As a survivor of this church I feel we have been totally and utterly abandoned by Catholics.  I feel that we put everything we had into spreading the truth about the horrific crimes committed against children while Catholics sit around wondering what they are going to make for the bake sale at the church.

I pity the parents of today who will have to face the awful truth 30 years from now when their children come to them as adults and tell them how their priest tortured and raped them as children.  How will they be able to deal with that?  Will they remember back to these times when we tried to tell them?  Tried to warn them?  Tried to get their support?  Will they remember how they valued their place in heaven more than the children here on earth?

It’s 999.9 billion catholics who have lost their moral backbone eroded away by the lies of this church.

I don’t think Spotlight will do a bit of good.
Susan Renehan

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Love, John

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  1. Sister Lea says:

    You are not alone in your raging pain, Susan. The credibility of Roman Rite Catholicism is SHATTERED for so many of us!

    Our bishop published his 2016 EASTER letter in the diocesan newspaper telling Catholics how much the diocese has done for “child abuse” survivors, how many policies and programs are in place to protect children now, AND finally he asked the people to contact their state representatives and state senators asking them to VOTE AGAINST A BILL SEEKING TO ELIMINATE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on “such civil lawsuits” because they would deplete diocesan resources for schools, ministries and those in need.

    RAGE, yes! YEARS of Rage at so many things! The Church-going Catholics left in our dioceses are oblivious to the insanity of these things. One barrister writes: “There is within most churches, I believe, a culture of acceptance of ‘noble-cause corruption’; that is, illegal actions undertaken to achieve laudable ends,
    in this case, protection of the institution itself.” NOBLE-CAUSE CORRUPTION…or just a culture of “absolute power” corruption?

    We live in an age when corruption is being exposed everywhere…and all the better for it. The Roman Rite Church reminds me of “banks too big to fail”. Roman Rite Catholicism needs to yield its claim of universal hierarch over and above over all other Catholic Rites.(There are 20+ other Catholic Rites in union with Rome at present.)

    Furthermore, we need a Vatican II Rite Catholic Church with inter-independent branches so the different branches can call each other to account and inspire each other in the ecumenical tradition of the early Church.

    Perhaps we need the shattering and the rage in order to move toward a different model of Catholicism…just as the world economies are being called to face up to the corruption within and make necessary changes.
    Sister Lea

    Google: Rite Beyond Rome

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