Humanity never committed any Original Sin.

Humanity never committed any Original Sin.


Humans are not ‘born with Original sin’ on their souls.


Jesus did not come to ‘free’ us from Original sin.

If he had, why is the church still teaching that

people must be baptized to ‘be freed from Original sin’

if Jesus died to save us from this sin.


The Jewish people did not believe in Original sin

[personal sin—yes—-but not Original sin].

And Jesus growing up as a devout Jew

would not have believed in Original sin, either.


John’s baptism

was for people to renounce their personal sins

—and to prepare those closest to John—

for the coming Messiah.


Jesus’ baptism was not for the forgiveness of any sin he committed,

but as a sign and symbol of preparing for Ministry.

That is what baptism should be for Christians today,

not something that we perform for little babies and young children

[who are completely innocent of any sin].


The church would have much explaining to do

for teaching that the unbaptized who died,

went to ‘Hell’ [later Limbo]

because they couldn’t enter Heaven.

How many anguished parents cried if their child died

because they couldn’t get her/him baptized ‘fast enough,’

or how many women were schooled in the concept

that they couldn’t go anywhere with the baby

UNTIL the child was baptized AND the mother was ‘churched’

[a custom that died out in the late 40’s, early 50’s]


The church’s concept of homosexuality and sexual orientation

is based on the notion that there are ONLY Two sexes

—observable at birth—

and that men and women are pre-programed by their gender

to act and respond according to their gender’s pre-programing.

This not only applies to sexual reproduction

but to how men and women face their lives and conduct them.




This list could go on and on.


Young people today

are receiving more scientific education in their basic formative years

and those who go onto advanced degrees in science,

especially medical science/psychological/veterinary science/

and social sciences

know that what the church has been teaching

and is failing to revise

is blarney.

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